A big hello at the start of the new term!

A big hello at the start of the new term!

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As we come up to the beginning of our sessions on Monday 9 September, it's time to say a big hello for the new academic year!

We can't wait to get started again on another year of amazing work, super performances and development of our members' brilliant talent.

This year we have a two week Autumn half term, which runs from Sunday 20 October to Sunday 3 November.

We may well look to fill some of that time and we have some ideas, which could perhaps include a trip for our older members. These are just ideas for now but watch this space!

For now though, all that's left is to say:

To everybody who is joining us for the first time - welcome! You are part of a big group of Flying High members, current and former, and we hope you have an amazing time with us.

To everybody who is coming back - hello again! We can't wait to pick up where we left off.


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