Amazing Lamda exam results for students

Amazing Lamda exam results for students

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Our Lamda Acting students have obtained amazing results in their recent exam.

All ten of our students passed the Grade 5 exam in Acting, getting 8 distinctions and 2 high merits in the process.

Four of them managed to get over 90/100 marks, with the highest coming in at a whopping 96.

So huge congratulations to:











The exam involved the students having to perform duologues or a combination of a duologue and a solo piece.

Grade 5 is the equivalent of a Year 10 qualification (i.e. GCSE level), as at the next stage our students are able to gain UCAS points from the exam.

Considering then that the youngest member of this group is 11 years old, we think that is quite some achievement.

Teacher Carrie Bird said: "I'm so proud of the learning that has gone on in the last year.

"This is our first crop of Lamda exam results and we are absolutely delighted with the success of our wonderful members so far."

Looking ahead, the aim for the students will now be to enter the Group Acting exam in June with a piece that will also be performed at our Summer Showcase.

We had great interest at our recent free taster session, with 8 slightly younger students committing to the weekly sessions this term. We willl be taking our next intake of new students in September as the group has to be run termly towards each exam period.

If you are inspired by the success of this group then please come along for a free taster at the start of next term, Wednesday 11 September.

You can book that here!