Black Lives Matter: Board of Directors statement

Black Lives Matter: Board of Directors statement

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Our Board of Directors met last week and discussed how best to communicate the company’s position in relation to anti-black racism in the UK and what we can do to affect change. Flying High Expressive Arts CIC fully supports the Black Lives Matter movement and will use our voices actively to promote anti-racism and condemn inhumanity and violence.

We are a company that uses expressive art forms to learn, communicate and often challenge our understanding of our world and we want to be able to embrace a model for theatre that reflects our diverse communities. We know this work starts with us and we are aware we have work to do in diversifying our board and the artists we work with. We have made a commitment to ourselves to actively do this. Inclusion and diversity is at the core of the ethos of Flying High but we will ensure a commitment to continually seek out current and up-to-date best practice to inform
our way of working.

We will continue to provide resources that support our tutors to think critically about their own practice and help them to use theatre, dance, music to generate dialogue around these issues in the workshop space. We will continue to profile the work of black writers, singers, song writers, musicians, dancers, choreographers, directors and companies of colour on our social platforms and with our groups.

We are in the process of creating a team of Flying High Young Ambassadors to act as a support system and as a collective that can address issues of inclusion and diversity including anti-racism.

We will continue to advocate for the removal of barriers to black young people and people of colour accessing the expressive arts in whatever way we can. This is a long process, an iterative one and one that we are committed to embedding within our work to becoming a truly anti-racist organisation.