Tickets for Connections Bonington show on sale!

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Our Young Company will perform their big Connections show at the Bonington Theatre in Arnold this Saturday 16 March!

Flying High Young Company's performance of Chaos by Laura Lomas, who comes from nearby Derby, will round off the evening.

Tickets for the event can be bought here for £7 or £5 for under 25s!

Watch the trailer here

We will also host West Bridgford's Unlimited Theatre on the night, as they perform their Connections play, terra/earth by Nell Leyshon and choreography by Anthony Missen.

Flying High’s two Senior Youth Theatre groups will also be performing at the beginning of the evening.

Approximate timings for the evening:

6.30 Senior Youth Theatre 1

6.50 Senior Youth Theatre 2

7.15 terra/earth - Unlimited Theatre Company

8.45 Chaos - Flying High Young Theatre Company

9.45 End of evening

Chaos is a 'physical, honest and chaotic' play according to writer Lomas.

She added: "Chaos is a symphony of dislocated and interconnected scenes. A series of characters search for meaning in a complicated and unstable world. Bouncing through physics, the cosmos, love and violence, they find order in the disorder of each other."

Hear more from her talking about the play and how the cast should tackle it here:

The Bonington Theatre performance will be followed by a show at Nottingham Playhouse on Saturday 27 April!

Alice by Heart

We had a very special experience with Connections in 2012 when we were selected to perform our show at London's National Theatre.

That musical, Alice by Heart, has now opened in New York seven years later!

It goes to show the potential Connections has. Maybe this year will be the same...

Read about Alice by Heart's New York opening here.