Edinburgh Fringe programme launched

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The programme for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018 has officially been launched.

In it you can find details of the two shows we are taking up to the arts festival this year.

Social media posts from Edinburgh Fringe and former member Sophie Hatton's  theatre company Ditto, celebrating the release of the programme.

They are Beauty and the Beast (page 35) and Dear Lucy... (page 324).

Beauty and the Beast has already sold 57 tickets even before the release of the programme itself!

We are hoping this is an indicator that we can follow on from last year's success with Aladdin, where we sold so many tickets that we were awarded an official 'Sell-Out Show' laurel to commemorate the achievement.

We will be giving you a lot more information throughout June and July as we work on the shows before performing them in August.

Keep an eye out for rehearsal updates, announcements and shows we may put on in Nottingham before we leave.

You can use the Fringe programme to look through all the shows taking place at the festival.

Last year that was a whopping 3,398 shows giving a total of 53,232 performances, so getting them all into one programme is no mean feat!

You can order a copy for free (excluding the postage) or view it for yourself online here.

You can also pick up a copy in Nottingham at either Waterstones or Fopp.