Evie Parker - Where are they now?

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We caught up with former Flying High member Evie Parker to talk about what she's doing these days and how joining us helped to set her up for the rest of her life!

Evie Parker is one of the many multi-talented Flying High members of past and present, the only question was how would she squeeze all of that talent into just one life. 

Working in the little city

Evie now works as an assistant artist manager in the vocal department for a classical music agency, a job which has plenty of perks including getting to see plenty of performances of course!

Being based in Cambridge, London is only a short journey away, although one of these performance trips recently took Evie on a trip to Switzerland

She said: "I love working with the artists and find it rewarding building relationships with them and with promoters around the world. It feels wonderful being involved in such an interesting, unique industry, and something I particularly enjoy is learning about repertoire, voice types - particularly how the evolution of a voice can dictate a career direction - and casting.

"In a few months time I will be gaining more responsibility and will have the opportunity to possibly take on a young artist to work with myself, and perhaps assist with more 'selling' of current young artists on the roster, which I’m very excited about. 

"As a person I’m constantly striving to improve myself - so am looking forward to having this opportunity to learn, grow, and to be more involved in the artistic side of things.”

Evie is also about to start volunteering with Young People in the Arts, an organization that allows her to meet and work with her peers within the industry and to assist with organising events throughout the UK, mainly in London. 

But does she pine for the big city?

Evie said: "I used to live in London and, although I love it very much and would like to return at some point, the lifestyle in Cambridge has so much to offer.

"I currently sing in one of the Cambridge University college chapel choirs (Pembroke), and have finally started learning Russian, which is something I've been wanting to do for a while. I also attend dance classes as much as possible and am super into fitness. That’s something which is easier said than done when busy!

"There can be periods in life that become VERY busy, but I often thrive off it...which I guess perhaps stems from the Flying High life!"


Flying High sets you up for life

We asked Evie if there were any ways at all she could think of that her experience with Flying High had helped to set her up for her life now, however small it may be.

Evie said: "Sounds pretty cringe but there are obviously so many. Flying High did wonders for me in many ways.

"Originally I joined as an outlet for my excess energy. Although to strangers I was a very shy child, to my family and friends I was energetic and inquisitive. My parents eventually got so tired of me running around being annoying that they told me I should find a hobby to use up some of my energy, it was either learn the flute or Flying High.

"Flying High developed my confidence HUGELY. My lack of it was something that always bothered me a great deal, so I learnt to let go of my inhibitions and be confident in myself/in front of people. I developed some great skills and passions that motivated me to want to pursue a career that fulfilled that.”

Evie got offers for joint music and drama courses at university, as well as to study straight music, but in the end decided she didn’t want to miss out on some of the aspects of a full music degree so went for the latter.

She said: "I do miss working in theatre and dance, and dabbled in that area of the industry along the way. I was lucky enough to have had so many different passions nurtured at a young age and, although I’m not a performer professionally, I don't feel entirely like me if I'm not doing something to fulfil that. That's why, wherever I live, I’ve always found outlets - choirs, dance classes, amateur/student companies etc - and try and see as much work as I can. Happily, London is only 50 mins away on the train!”

A lot of Evie’s peers from Flying High have remained friends over the years, with many of them - including Carrie Bird and Christie Rolley - reuniting at Jack Quarton-Manuel’s wedding recently.

Evie said: “It was pretty nostalgic, and wonderful! A lot of people from FH have ended up in arts careers and I love having that varied circle of people who work in different areas of the industry, still sharing that passion. A lot of the group also went on to have non-arts related careers, but I'm certain have taken so much from Flying High regardless.

"Wherever we are now we still find a way to stay connected which is lovely."

1, 2, 3, memories

Evie has one very clear memory which stands out from her time with us.

She said: "Flying High introduced me to the mad and magical world of Edinburgh Fringe! 

"I went with the older group in the FH first trip, with Tash, when we used the street stages as opposed to the main venues. There are some old and pretty cute memories of Fringe - perhaps 2010 - that come to mind, including playing 1,2,3 home after late night postering along the Mile and playing sardines in the hostel. Sometimes it's the little things!”

Edinburgh now holds a special place in Evie’s heart as one of her favourite places in the world and she has been back every year for the last decade!

In the end she started working there, first as an assistant in the press team for ZOO Venues in 2014, then as press & marketing manager the following year, enjoying them every step of the way.

Evie said: "Bit of a gushy end note, but if I hadn't gone to Flying High I'm pretty sure my life would be completely different - I would be a different person. 

"I think for myself and many others who were part of it, we wouldn't be where we are now in life without that knowledge, those experiences and the passions that it fed.

"Big love and boundless thanks to Carrie Bird!"