Fees and Payments

Payments will now be made online. If there is a problem paying online, please email Carrie at carrie@flying-high.org.uk and we will organise an alternative method of payment. Those claiming a free taster session at the beginning or part way through a term will not be able to pay online for that half term. 

Fees are to be paid before the start of a new half term. A reminder towards the end of the previous half term will be sent via email and on this website. 

For new students, the first session of any new workshop is a free taster workshop. All hourly workshops are £5.00 and all 2 hourly workshops are £7.50 per workshop. Young Company is £10.00 per week. There is a £10.00 Annual Membership Fee on joining in September or during the year which includes a Flying High T-shirt. This membership fee will cover large group entries to Festivals, copying of scripts, letters, other admin costs and the awards given at the end of each term.   

N.B. Fees cannot be deducted due to non attendance. In the case of a long term injury or illness, please chat to Carrie about it as we want to support as much as possible. 

There are some bursaries available if you wish to explore this, please talk to Carrie about it.  

Fees for the Summer Term (April - July)