Finding the Fringe - watch our documentary

Finding the Fringe - watch our documentary

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The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is a world of mad, bustling, unexplainable wonder and we know how difficult it is to explain this to people who have not experienced it first hand. It's a challenge we have really wanted to address so that we can encourage young people over 16 to join us and give those interested members a feel for what it is all about.

That's why in 2019, as well as going about our usual business of performing and selling our show, seeing other pieces and enjoying the wonderful city, we also caught it all on camera.

2019 marked 10 years since we first took a group to perform at The Edinburgh Festival Fringe. We had 22 young people aged 16 - 19 and two staff members and they performed for a week at the beginning of August. They absolutely loved the experience and grew in confidence and maturity, living, working and having fun with like-minded people. Since 2009, we have taken 14 shows in 10 years, some for two weeks and some for one week. Some have performed once and others up to four times!

However, it is not cheap to perform at the Fringe. In 2019, there were over 3500 shows including comedy, theatre, cabaret, dance and every conceivable place to perform was taken including a shipping container, a small wooden hut, a conference room in a hotel, a cave, a boiler room and many theatre and hall spaces. The cost of hiring these spaces is high and it is a huge business now. Costs for taking a show to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe include venue hire, insurance, production (sound, costume, props, set, rehearsal time and space, lighting gels etc), transport to and from Edinburgh, accommodation, food, 100 posters and 5000 flyers, Fringe registration, box office costs, stationery and printing, filming and photography. There is also then the added cost of seeing shows while up there. 

Over the 10 years Flying High has built up a huge reputation with their children's shows and families return each year to see the latest show. We are now in the lucky position of having sell-out shows in our 102 seat theatre space which helps recoup some of our expenses and contribute towards the following year's visit.

You can see all of this captured on camera right here - our short documentary about the festival called 'Finding the Fringe'.

Check it out by clicking above and please do let us know your thoughts on the film by getting in touch at

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