First Connections performance this month!

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Our first performance of Connections show 'The Ceasefire Babies' by Fiona Doyle will take place this month.

The performance will take place on Saturday 17 March at the Bonington Theatre.

Check out our trailer here:

How do we form our allegiances and beliefs? Do we make our own decisions, or do we inherit them? Can a cycle of ideology and disagreement be broken? And who can take the first step? The annual bonfire preparations are underway; Mikey’s coming home from the Centre and his sister Jamie cannot wait. But there is change in the air and not everyone’s ready for it. Jamie wants to reignite her father and uncle’s old conflicts, but Mikey and their friends must decide whether to take hold of their own destinies, or allow the ghosts of the past to dictate their futures.

The evening will also include performances from Lakeside Youth Theatre 14+ and our Senior Youth Theatre groups.

We will then go on to perform the play at Derby Theatre on Saturday 14 April.

Tickets for the Bonington show can be bought here: