Flying High closes due to coronavirus

Flying High closes due to coronavirus

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It is with deep sadness that the Directors of Flying High have decided to close the company in line with the latest government advice from Thursday 19 March. Flying High workshops come under the umbrella on non-essential social gatherings and as such must cease for the moment. We hope to return on Monday 20 April but it is difficult to predict. However, once again, it will probably be in line with Nottinghamshire schools.

Episodes Dance Platform has been cancelled on 29 March. We have been asked to send a film of the dance piece - we filmed it last Saturday so this will be sent. 

Mansfield Drama Festival scheduled for 29 March has been postponed and may take place in the summer term - all things being well. 

Young Creatives Award scheduled for 31 March has been postponed and also may take place in the summer term. 

NT Connections - we were so lucky to have our home performance last Saturday and a National Theatre Director come to see it. We have sent our recording to the Festival organisers so have slight chance of being selected for the London Festival at the end of June if this goes ahead. The partner Festival at Nottingham Playhouse has not been cancelled yet but well may be further down the line. 

Fees for this half term should be paid as normal and will be deducted off next term's fees. 

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Thank you everyone for your support.

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