Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find details about this year's Summer Showcase, celebrating 20 years of Flying High, which takes place on Saturday 13 & Sunday 14 July 2019 at the Bonington Theatre, Arnold.

Frequently Asked Questions

This year we thought we would answer some of the questions most commonly asked about summer showcases in previous years.

If you can't find the answer to your question here though, then feel free to email

Q1 Who is involved?

A1 All groups who attend regular weekly workshops at Flying High except Jumping Beans. All children of Primary school age (i.e. up to Year 6) take part on Saturday and Sunday afternoon (13/14 July) at 2.00 & those of Secondary school age (i.e. Year 7 +) take part on Saturday evening (7.30) & Sunday evening (7.00). Positive Moves will perform on the afternoons only. 

Q2 When are the rehearsals

A2  We experiment with ideas, create, stage and develop the pieces in workshop time and try to keep it as fun as possible although towards the end, running through the pieces is more likely to polish the performances. There is a technical rehearsal scheduled on the Saturday morning (approximately 30 minutes for each group) for the Junior Showcase and in between showcases on the Saturday for the Senior Showcase. A schedule will be sent at the end of May.  

Q3 Is it important that the children attend all workshop leading to the Showcase?

A3 It is important that we have everyone at all the workshops each week. If there is planned absence or illness, it is imperative that you let Carrie know either via email or text if someone is likely to be absent with as much notice as possible so the tutors can plan around this. 

Q4 What happens if my child cannot or does not want to take part in the Showcase? 

A4 This has never been a problem. Most of our pieces have an ensemble approach to them to accommodate the large numbers and give everyone a chance to be onstage for as long as possible. Therefore, there is always something to be part of even if they cannot perform in the final showcase. We always have a dress rehearsal or run through on the penultimate week for parents of these children to watch. Quite often, children who are not taking part help by contributing ideas, directing and filling in for people who might be absent. 

Q5 What happens if my child can only do one Showcase? 

A5 This happens sometimes and we try our best to accommodate although they will have to have a part which is easy to lose or add to the piece, depending on the day they can or cannot do. Sometimes we have one child who cannot do the Saturday and another who cannot do the Sunday and therefore a role can be shared. We try our best! 

Q6 Will there be a lot of lines or song words to learn? 

A6 This will very much depend on whether the piece is scripted or devised. Tutors will ask their groups and set small tasks to find out who is comfortable learning lines and who struggles. Some children like to have lines to learn and others do not. An issue we sometimes find is that children will judge their part by the number of lines they have to deliver and feel that the more lines they are given equates to the better part. This is not necessarily true. The central character of a play I did with one group was a boy who did not speak and he had to work very hard on his physical responses and facial expressions. He was commended by the adjudicator of the Festival for his realistic portrayal. 

Q7 Will we have to provide a costume and / or props?

A7 Tutors will make decisions on this and ask the children to either bring costume ideas in or make / collect simple props. It will all be fairly low key and we have some costumes in store which can be used. There should be no need to spend a lot of money on costumes for the Showcase. 

Q8 What is the order of the Showcase? 

A8 After half term, Carrie will send out a provisional order for the Showcase for people to check. We try to accommodate those who may struggle to make 2.00 by putting their group's piece on later or vice versa with enough notice. Usually the younger ones go on in the first half & older ones in the second half (particularly the evening Showcase on Sunday)

Q9 What time do participants have to arrive at the theatre? 

A9 We ask that participants in the first half arrive after 1.30 Junior (7.00 Senior) or if they are in the second half around 3.00 Junior (8.00 Senior). Children can watch the showcase at the back with their tutor if parents are watching or be collected and taken home at the interval. Similarly, children can be brought to the theatre at the interval or watch the first half with their tutor. 

Q10 Where can we buy tickets? 

A10 Tickets can be bought online through the Bonington Theatre website or by phoning the box office 0115 901 3640. Tickets are one price only and cost £7.50 each due to the costs of hiring the theatre. Age 5 & under are free. If there are any problems regarding the cost of tickets, please contact Carrie. We will ensure that everyone gets to see their child perform and will make alternative arrangements. 

Q11 Can we take photographs or video? 

Q11 No. It is against the rules of the theatre. We will have an official photographer and pictures will be on the website so you can ask if there are any you would like to have.