Introducing the Flying High Fringe

Introducing the Flying High Fringe

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This August, just like every year for the past decade, we should have been at the Edinburgh Fringe.

In fact, this would have been our twelfth year taking in the world’s biggest arts festival. We would be soaking up all that creativity that gets packed into one city for a few weeks every year and we’d be performing as professional actors to real, paying audiences.

Obviously we can’t do that this year. But the Fringe is a wonderful addiction, so we’re not giving up on it just yet.

For the time we would have been performing in Edinburgh this August, we are instead streaming our shows from our decade at the Fringe live on our Facebook page. We’ll also be celebrating and sharing the work that some of our amazing tutors and fellow Fringe-goers have created with their companies too. And on top of that, the Fringe is an occasion to make and strengthen friendships, so we'll be getting members together for some big Fringe quizzes and laughs!

So look out for loads more details coming out over the next few weeks, and we'll see you at the Fringe!

Through Facebook, we will also be setting up a fundraising site for donations. We hope to raise money for the Edinburgh group next year as we have some members who were so looking forward to this lifetime opportunity but cannot commit themselves due to financial restrictions caused by COVID-19. If Flying High can support them, it will make such a difference to them and us!

What to watch out for

We'll launch a full programme soon, but here's a taster of what we'll be putting on during our Flying High Fringe.

Streamed shows:

  • Peter Pan (2013)
  • The Jungle Book (2014)
  • Peter Pan (2016)
  • Aladdin (2017)
  • Beauty and the Beast (2018)
  • Dear Lucy (2018)
  • The Wizard of Oz (2019)

Other events and performances:

  • Members quizzes - There'll be two quizzes, covering those who attended from 2009 to 2015 and 2016 to 2020 respectively. You'll be invited along on Facebook!
  • Ditto's Digital Adventures film series
  • Finding the Fringe documentary
  • Foil, Arms and Hog - Irish Sketch Comedy group who regularly tour all over the UK and Ireland to sell-out audiences. They have also performed in Europe, USA and Australia
  • Sarah Keyworth - Comedian who sold out her 2019 show
  • Next Door Dance - The Beautiful Game, which also had sold out shows last year
  • Buskers sets from Tash Bird and friends