LAMDA exams to get underway

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From this February we will begin training our students towards taking LAMDA examinations.

Our workshops will take place on Wednesdays and are open to young people who are in year 5 or above and wishing to take LAMDA grades 1-8 in acting.

LAMDA - the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art - offer these exams to teach students important life skills such as self-confidence, communication and presentation skills.

And of course the practical skills gained in drama and the performing arts will be hugely useful for anyone wishing to carry them on further in their life. For example, these experiences could be invaluable for anybody looking to audition for drama school in the future.

LAMDA says: "At the heart of LAMDA examinations is the recognition that our qualifications are for everyone. Across the globe, our examinations unite learners of all ages, abilities, backgrounds and cultures in enthusiasm for the English language and a desire to develop skills for life."

We will look to enter our students for exams in either June or November and will use the Mansfield Drama Festival in March as a sort of mock exam along the way.

More information about our sessions and pricing can be found on our dedicated LAMDA examinations page.