Mansfield Drama Festival success

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No fewer than seven groups and around 100 of our members performed at the Mansfield Drama Festival last month.

They had great success while they were there too!

The performances at this festival are judged by a panel, who dished out five distinctions and two honours to our groups.

Honours aren't given out lightly either!

This means that a performance has been awarded over 90 marks out of 100.

Only three were given out during the entire festival and two of those were for Flying High performances.

These can be awarded to monologues, duologues or group performances, so this was quite an achievement for our members.

We would like to thank everybody who helped over the weekend by giving transport and support to the performers.

We would also like to extend our thanks to everybody who came on the Saturday before the festival.

This was a great opportunity for our performers to warm up for the festival and we raised £130 on the door that day.

As we are a Community Interest Company, this money all goes back into the company and the community!