More amazing Lamda results

More amazing Lamda results

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Eight new members of our Lamda group once again blew us away by achieving some amazing marks in their June exams late last term.

Every member achieved mid-high merits or distinctions for their Grade 3 Acting exam after performing two speeches and demonstrating their knowledge and understanding of the characters feelings and contexts. 

More impressive though, is that they pulled off these performances after only 8 regular workshops and a couple of extra private sessions.

Carrie Bird said: "I was so proud of everyone in the group as they only started at the end of April!"

Our Lamda group is all about learning and developing these performance skills, but our older groups will be moving to Grade 6 next year and will be able to earn UCAS points from their exam success! Some are only just going into Year 8 at school. 

If anybody would like to join then we have spaces for extra members.

The pattern of exams will be similar to this year, with Grades 4, 5 & 6 taking place in Nottingham on Sunday 15 March 2020.

Get in touch or apply on our website now to join this successful group.


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