More Summer Project details released

More Summer Project details released

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We are really excited to be able to release a few more details about 2019's upcoming 20th Anniversary Summer Project!

We have already told you that this year we will once again be hosting a Summer Project with four days full of expressive arts for members to join during their school holidays.

It will include dance, theatre and singing too.

2019's Summer Project will run from Tuesday 27 August to Friday 30th August, 10 - 3 each day and we will end with a big performance for family and friends at the Bonington Theatre on the afternoon of Friday 30 August.

This year’s theme will be celebrating the whopping 20 years since our first year, and our first summer course.

We can now also tell you that the theme will see us looking at major world events which have occurred in the last two decades, which could include everything from the London 2012 Olympics, 9/11 and the rising awareness of climate change.

While tutors will bring in ideas, the final topic chosen will be decided by the attendees with them.

Prices and details

We can now also tell you details about places and prices for the project.

We have 40 places on the project for young people to snap up.

The days from 27-30 August will run from 10.00-3.00pm.

The total cost for the project will be £40, which works out at just £2 per hour of workshop time.

20 Years of Flying High

Back in August 1999 our first ever summer course of this kind was called 'Fly Away'.

The group then built a large bird which was taken down to Arnold centre and a short performance of dance and singing was given.

The whole course explored themes of 'taking off' and discovering where you want to go.

It was also our first activity as Flying High Expressive Arts Company, since changing our name from Jumping Beans that summer.

Our Summer Showcase will also reflect the last twenty years, events and episodes since 1999.

We are revisiting some pieces which we have enjoyed creating and working on over the last twenty years e.g. dance pieces - one looking at how the Berlin Wall divided Germany in 1961, celebrating the fall 30 years ago and another choreographed to Muse's song Feeling Good.

2018's Summer Course also ended with a performance at the Bonington Theatre