New staff for 2019/20

New staff for 2019/20

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We will have a few new staff members around in the coming year.

Some of our former members and friends are professional actors, performers and artists who are working in the industry and really having some great success.

So when we had the opportunity to snap them up to share some of their skills with our members, we though it would be foolish not to!

Sophie Hatton, fresh from an amazing Edinburgh Fringe run with her company Ditto Theatre, will be coming to give sessions to our Young Company.

She will draw on her expertise in physical theatre to lead some special workshops, starting with the basics of clowning!

Sophie said: "I’m really looking forward to sharing some of my own training and experience with the group and cannot wait to get started!"

We hope that Aaron Belcher will also be leading different workshops this year too after such great sessions at our Summer Project this August. 

And finally, Loreto Murray is embarking on a two-year Masters degree in Professional Voice Practice at The Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. We hope that she will be able to share these skills with our members and maybe use some work with us as part of her course. 

We look for every opportunity to step up our teaching team and broaden the skills which are being passed on to our members.

We can't wait to see these workshops get up and running!