Dear Lucy... New World War One project announcement

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We are in the process of applying for Lottery Heritage funding in partnership with Gedling Borough for a project to commemorate the centenary of the end of World War One. The project will explore 1918 onward and the impact it had on local communities and families who tried to rebuild their lives with or without those returning from the war.

The source material for the project is a collection of letters written to a young woman from five men who all fought on the front line. These included her fiance and brother who were both killed in the last three months of the war. The letters will be shared and will act as a catalyst for others to share their stories and family connections with the Great War.

The project aims to include:

  • Intergenerational workshops and discussions with local groups and schools to create a body of researched information - Flying High Expressive Arts CIC, Arnold Local History Group, The Royal British Legion, Notts Women’s History Group, local schools in Gedling Borough, Nottingham Theatre Royal 55+ Drama Group, Inspire Cultural Trust, Gedling Homes, local young artists and theatre makers aged 18-30 and a variety of community groups


  • Practical workshop activities in local schools to explore research materials gained and other resources - to take place in July 2018


  • Flying High Expressive Arts CIC’s summer showcase will broadly focus on ‘The First World War: Now and Then’ – using themes from the centenary 1918 – 2018 to show changes in that time


  • A week-long summer course for young people aged 8-16 using performing arts to develop an understanding of the material researched (Aug 28 – 31 2018) with a performance at the Bonington Theatre on Friday 31 August


  • A semi-professional theatre piece using local actors and theatre makers, focusing primarily on women’s lives post-1918 and how they were affected by the changes in their families and communities and across wider society (using the letters mentioned above as the starting point). The final theatre piece will be performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for a week and at a number of local venues including the Bonington Theatre in Arnold (31st August), the Old Library Theatre in Mansfield (31 July) and as part of the Gedling Borough Council’s WW1 commemoration event on 10th November. The partnership will explore the opportunity to further tour the show into 2019 and explore further funding possibilities


  • The theatre piece will be filmed in Edinburgh and edited to incorporate other collected research, interviews, blogs, pictures to create an educational resource and record of the development of the play. A young creative practitioner will be engaged to document the project as a whole, online through social media and blogs which will be combined into a separate website linked to Flying High’s own website and other local groups’ websites that would be interested