Sophie Hatton returns to Nottingham with her theatre company

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Former member and teacher Sophie Hatton will return to Nottingham this Spring, performing with her professional theatre company Ditto Theatre.

The show, Ingo's War, will take place on Saturday 7 April at Nonsuch Studios. The group will also run a workshop introducing young people to puppetry afterwards!

It is a mix of physical theatre, storytelling and puppetry. The group of performers will also run a puppetry workshop while they are in Nottingham.

The piece follows the story of Ingo, a very nervous dog who has always been always afraid of the dark, loud noises and did not like making new friends.

He is owned and cherished by a young girl living in the city of London, life for Ingo is as easy as pie.

Yet as war looms once more and the Blitz becomes a very immediate danger, the girl and her dog are evacuated to the country.

But when Ingo is left on the train, he is suddenly plunged into an adventure which tips his steady world upside down.

He experiences the many angles of wartime. He is lost and found and lost again, as Ingo wonders what it means to be brave and discovers courage he never knew he had.

Ditto Theatre were formed after Sophie and her company members graduated from East 15 Acting School.

Tickets for the show and the puppetry workshop can be bought here: