The end of a wonderful Fringe!

The end of a wonderful Fringe!

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We have finished our stint at the Edinburgh Fringe for another year, so we thought we should reflect on what went on while we were up there.

The show was amazing, receiving sell out audiences much of the time and seeing brilliant performances from all of our Young Company members.

We performed nine times in total to audiences which topped out at a sold out 102 members. Fringe performances can often have small audiences but the lowest that figure ever got to for us was 67!

This is testament to the efforts our performers put in to selling the show.

They did this by performing and flyering on the Royal Mile, as well as getting themselves all over Edinburgh wearing their branded hoodies.

In the process, they managed to see more than a whopping 150 shows between them, including group trips to shows such as our old friends Foil, Arms and Hog.

And they managed all of this while combatting a particularly miserable year of Scottish weather. Wind and rain battered us numerous times, leaving us soggy but never dampening out spirits!

When the reviews came in, they were also full of praise.

Primary Times said: "The young stars put their all into the performance, and look to be having the time of their lives."

The reviewer also referenced one the piece's songs, written by Jack Quarton-Manuel, which told audiences that the Emerald City is green in more than just colour. In our version it is an environmentally friendly haven too!

The Primary Times reviewer added: "The Wizard of Oz is an old tale, but my two 10 year olds were delighted that the cast managed to [a] get meaningful, modern day green message into a much loved classic."

Fest magazine asked Honor Hastings, age seven, to review the show.

Asked what their favourite bit of the show was, Honor said: "That Dorothy was able to find so many friends to go with her.

"I also liked that the scarecrow gave me a high five when he got his brain."

You can read all the audience reviews which have much more praise here too, or find a selection on our Instagram here.

Of course, our members have to enjoy themselves when they are not performing or selling the show!

This involved tonnes of different activities as our members explored the fascinating city. It culminated in a trip up Arthur's Seat though, the hill which overlooks the city.

Looking back down at Edinburgh we were able to say goodbye for another year.

Until 2020, Edinburgh Fringe, you have been brilliant!


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