Then & Now Learning Resource Launched

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Today we have formally launched the Then & Now Learning Resource.

This website brings together all the activities, efforts and achievements which were seen during last summer's project - Then & Now: Changing Lives after the First World War.

During the project we ran school workshops, put together a piece of theatre and conducted a summer school to help everybody in the community learn about how lives have changed since the end of the war, now over 100 years ago.

Have a look through the resource to relive the project and discover all of the wonderful things which happened during and as a result of it.

For teachers and practitioners, there is a downloads section which can be used to obtain the materials used during the project for future work.

One key outcome of the project was the wealth of amazing stories we were told along the way. There is also a forum in the resource for readers to add their own stories about the war era and time which has passed since.

The Learning Resource is best enjoyed on a laptop or a computer and it contains several months of work, so we ask for your patience as it loads.

The resource can be found here: