What People Say

Jo Hutchison (Parent)

"I would strongly recommend Flying High to anybody looking for an opportunity to learn a new skill, do something creative or simply have fun and make new friends! My daughter has been a member since she was 8 years old and not only has she had many opportunities to perform around the County but has gone on to achieve GCSE's in drama and dance at the age of 14. The quality of teaching is high and everyone is made to feel included and valued whatever their experience or ability." 


Jenny Daley (Parent)

"My oldest child has been attending Flying High since the age of three and now at eighteen she is helping out as an assistant tutor. I can honestly say that Flying High and the brilliant friends she has made along the way have been a consistent and fantastic influence in her life. Her experiences include attending and performing at the Edinburgh Festival which was an amazing experience for her.  Now my youngest son is happily following in her footsteps and loving every minute of it."


Rosie Hooper (Parent) 

"The experience of belonging to Flying High, which has included many theatre performances, GCSE, A level and a memorable visit to the Edinburgh Fringe has been a great source of enjoyment, friendship, knowledge of acting technique and a major confidence booster for my child for the last 9 years."


Sharon Arnold (Parent)

"Since my daughter started Flying High, she has grown in confidence and loves expressing herself through her love of dancing, singing and acting. The teachers have a lovely way with the children and are fantastic at bringing them out of their shell. I highly recommend the company for any child who enjoys expressive arts."


Anne Maloney (Parent) 

"I would recommend Flying High for many reasons - my daughter has been doing drama for the past seven years or more.  She is a shy quiet girl and at the start was so quiet few people heard her.  Now having performed on stage in front of people many times she has become a lot more vocal and confident and not afraid to let her voice be heard.  More importantly she has enjoyed the sessions and learned many new characters and ways of performing." 


Jane Atkins (Parent) 

"Flying High has been just fantastic for my son Elliot.  He was such a quiet, shy boy but since joining Flying High he has really come out of his shell and blossomed in confidence.  He has found a love for drama in the supportive and nurturing environment which has also challenged him to develop a real talent.  I never thought my shy boy would be able to perform on stage to a packed Theatre Royal! Thank you Flying High!"


Ava Daft (Present member) 

"Flying High is an amazing experience. You get to dance, sing and act in shows and competitions and make new friends. The teachers are fun and make sure you have a good time."


Daniel Holdstock (Present member) 

"I really like going to Flying High because there are lots of things to do like drama, dancing, singing etc. Everyone is very friendly and there is a tuck shop!"


Ella Slade (Alumni) 

"Flying High has been a major part of my life since I was about six and has given me such confidence over the years. But the main thing I love about Flying High is the 'family' I've made here, because it is like a family, a very weird but very loving family. Everyone is so supportive of one another and I know I have made friends for life at Flying High. The welcoming and accepting atmosphere helped me to completely be myself and helped me develop as a person. Without Flying High I would certainly not be who I am today."


Ben Padwick (Alumni) 

"I grew up with Flying High, and while I was a member, it felt like home to me. I made fantastic friends here, friends who, in some cases, I'll keep for a lifetime. Without Flying High, I would be a very different person. I wouldn't be as confident as I am now, I wouldn't be as willing to try new things, and I certainly wouldn't have a fascination and love for the theatre that will be with me forever. Without Flying High, I wouldn't have achieved the grades required for university, and for this, I am forever grateful. Thank you."


Christie Rolley (Alumni)

"Flying High was such a huge and influential aspect of my life until the age of 18 and beyond. Quite apart from the incredible opportunities it offered me, from the annual trips to the Edinburgh Fringe, to having the chance to continue Theatre to A-Level when university requirements would have squeezed it out of my in-school choices and stage managing a rather eventful performance at the Sheffield Crucible in the middle of a power cut, it formed and continues to form the centre of my social circle. Many of the best people I know and my favourite memories come from Flying High. Spending every spare moment I could with such an eclectic group of like-minded people made me a more confident, more resourceful and happy person. I think my own enduring loyalty and love and that of my friends says more than I would ever be able to about Flying High’s importance to each of us. Can’t wait to see what you guys do next!"


Lydia Carter (Alumni)

"I started Flying High when I was 8 and left when I was 18. Flying High was right for me, because it was never about being the best, all that was required was to give everything a go and get stuck in! I made loads of friends over the years which was great when things weren't going so well at school, and involvement in the Performing Arts in a non-pressured environment was great for helping my confidence and independence grow. I've had so many great opportunities, from performing at the Edinburgh Fringe festival for three years, to helping making costumes and paint backdrops. I've done things I never thought I could do like singing in an acapella group, dancing at Nottingham Playhouse and acting in a play at Derby Theatre. Although a career in Performing Arts was not for me, I would not be the same person I am today if I had not been given all these amazing experiences by hardworking and dedicated people!"


Kayley Wells (Alumni)

"I first joined flying high when I was at Secondary School. I was struggling to settle into a new school and Flying High helped to not only extend my social circle but Carrie worked really hard to build up my confidence and self belief. I went on to do my Drama GCSE and then my A level in Performing Arts where we got to explore Costume Design and other factors within the industry. I enjoyed the costume side of things and made some for a big production that Flying High was involved in. I achieved very good grades because of them. I look back and remember my time at Flying High with so much love. We did so many varied performances and I know for certain that the skills I learnt whilst at Drama helped me through my working life whether it was giving a presentation to a room of people or speaking out in a meeting.

Now I am a mother of two and have the joy and pleasure of having my 6 and 4 year old girls there now! My eldest has been there for two years and was chosen for a production of 'Brassed Off' at the Nottingham Theatre Royal. My youngest recently started and is starting to come out of her shell. They put on regular shows throughout the year so we can see how well they are doing. I firmly believe that drama can build confidence, improve social skills and open up your imagination!"


Kimberley Allsopp (Alumni)

"Having attended Flying High from a young age it has been a massive part of my life and makes up a large amount of the person I am today. It gave me the confidence to believe in myself and my abilities and gave me experiences I will never forget. I have such fond memories of performing in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where I was not only a part of the devising process of the show but learned all about the logistics of marketing and running a show, skills that have definitely come in useful whilst studying at Birmingham School of Acting. My background in performance, mostly from Flying High helped me secure my job as a Teacher Actor at The Play House (Birmingham) in 2014/2015. I am now currently working with Nonsuch Theatre (Nottingham) as their Outreach Practitioner. This is my dream job and the skills I need for this work I first started gaining at Flying High working as their class assistant. 

Flying High supports and nurtures people as performers with bonus skills in lots of areas, such as set design and costume making (especially for the Edinburgh shows). It allows people to enjoy every experience to the full, whether they want a career in the arts or not. I can honestly say I would not be where I am today without Flying High, thanks for everything."


Tom Hutton (Alumni)

"Flying High isn't just a series of clubs, it's an entire community consisting of hundreds of enthusiastic people jumping between different workshops, learning new skills and putting their talents to use in performances at venues in and outside of Nottingham including the annual trip to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Among those hundreds you will find some very talented dancers/musicians/actors/actresses, enthusiastic staff, ex-students who enjoy helping out, some people who have a passion for theatre and movies, professional performers and others who just come to socialise. At the centre of it all is the caring and dedicated Carrie Bird, who has changed for the better the lives of hundreds of young people from various backgrounds. One such person is myself - without Flying High, I wouldn't have the confidence, creative talents or social life that I have now, so I'd definitely recommend joining our little community in one way or another!"