Youth Dance

Youth Dance Workshops sessions are available on Saturday afternoons and Tuesday evenings, with occasional extra rehearsals scheduled for other evenings and  / or Sundays when necessary. Every group has the opportunity to perform at least twice a year, in a low key Christmas Showcase at a local venue and an ‘End of Year’ Showcase in July at the Bonington Theatre.

2016 – 2017

Youth Dance groups have performed at the Evolution Dance Festival, County Youth Arts Showcases, Episodes (U Dance), Unite the Scene and Dance: Make your Move.

The Inter/Senior Youth Dance group was selected to perform at the Nottinghamshire County Youth Dance Platform, Episodes 2017 at Lakeside Arts Theatre and in the past (2010) was selected by Dance 4 to go to Berlin on a Youth Dance exchange. 

Tuesday Youth Dance (Positive Moves)

These workshops are for young people with SEND and aim to develop confidence and movement skills in a creative, exploratory way using a variety of starting points. Many varied styles of dance will be incorporated as and when appropriate but the main style will be Contemporary.  

At Pond Hills Lane Community Centre 

Positive Moves Youth Dance -17.00 - 18.00 - Cost £3.00 (per workshop) 


Saturday Youth Dance

These workshops develop Contemporary Dance technique and choreography skills with a focus on the creative processes. They incorporate other styles e.g. Hip Hop, Stage, Jazz, Capoeira as and when appropriate. These groups have opportunities to perform as part of the National U Dance framework and County Youth Arts projects. There are 3 Youth Dance Groups: Junior Youth Dance, Intermediate Youth Dance and Senior Youth Dance (Please see Timetable for details)

At Pond Hills Lane Community Centre                   

Junior Youth Dance -13.00 - 14.00 - Cost £5.00 (per workshop)                     

Intermediate and Senior Youth Dance - 14.00 - 16.00 - Cost £7.50 (per workshop)